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10 Ways Attending A MUN Can Help You In The Future

10 Ways Attending A MUN Can Help You In The Future

The world has become a global village, and no age is too young to prepare for the future. For high school students, a Model United Nations (MUN) conference is an ideal stepping stone into the global arena.

 What is MUN?

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A MUN is a simulation of an actual United Nations conference in which students are tasked with solving a global problem. Through research, design, lobbying, and debate in order to pass an appropriate “resolution.”

Students assume the role of delegates, speakers, and chairpersons representing different countries. And collaborate with other students from diverse backgrounds to participate in discussions and find a solution to their assigned agenda.

While the existence of MUNs can be traced back to the US in 1949. They began to gain popularity in Pakistan in 1990. And have been regularly performed at international and national levels ever since. The United Nations Information Center – Karachi works with almost 50 models of UN conferences per year in Pakistan.

Students discuss the real agenda and topics. Topics range from general issues such as the rights of religious minorities to specific issues. Such as improving accident safety around nuclear power plants.

The entire process and discussion take place within a formal “ROP’s” to truly model the format of the UN.

What are the benefits of attending a MUN?

Preparing for and attending a MUN helps students develop leadership, research, writing, public speaking, and problem-solving skills.

Here are 10 key ways attending a MUN can help you in the future:

1. Worldly knowledge

Keeping up with world events can sometimes get boring just reading news articles or watching video news broadcasts. Attending MUNs will increase your knowledge of the world tremendously as you represent a country on a ‘global’ level. In MUN’s you interact with other delegates representing other countries.

As a delegate, you must thoroughly research your assigned countries, analyze and understand their foreign policies. And consider what factors would influence the country’s behavior internationally. As you study the intricacies of the subject – its background, history, treatment at the UN, and previous resolutions on it. You will gain practical and thorough knowledge of world affairs.

2. Confidence building

A MUN means getting to know new people, interacting with unfamiliar faces, developing solutions for tasks in teams. From preparing for the MUNs to the discussions, debates, and resolutions made during the MUN, the entire experience will serve to build your confidence.

After attending a MUN, you will feel much more comfortable working with new people and being able to express yourself easily. The confidence you gain will help you in future interactions where you need to express yourself in high-pressure situations.

3. Analytical Skills

Astute analytical skills are a trait that will help you at every stage of life and in every career by helping you solve problems through analysis. The MUN is an ideal place to improve analytical skills as you will be challenged in a simulated environment. And asked to complete the task after examining other countries’ concerns, previous precedents, and possible solutions to arrive at an acceptable solution Find.

4. Problem-solving skills

At its core, the MUN is based on problem-solving skills as it puts you at the center of an organization dedicated (albeit simulated) to solving global problems. Therefore, problem-solving is a skill that you must hone yourself from the start of the MUN by learning how to identify the key components of an issue, determining factors to consider when deciding on the solution, and putting it all together to find a definitive solution that satisfies all the countries concerned.

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5. Diplomacy

By practicing diplomacy at the MUNs, you will become more proficient and experienced in conducting negotiations between two groups in a tactful and result-oriented manner. In addition to learning the skills of diplomacy, students wishing to become professional diplomats can practice and prepare for the field by attending MUNs, which are real-life examples of the life and work of professional diplomats.

6. Public Speaking

Developing effective public speaking skills takes practice, and the MUNs provide an ideal platform on which to explore and improve your skills. Public speaking is an essential part of MUNs as you express your views and debates in front of an audience. As you will be giving multiple speeches throughout the MUN event, you will have multiple opportunities to improve your speaking skills.

7. Networks

Attending a MUN is an ideal way to network, make new friends and form connections that will come in handy later. During a MUN, you will meet other delegates, senior delegates, organizers, co-sponsors, judges, and chairs of the event. By making new contacts and meeting potential mentors, you can nurture your network for future use.

8. Writing Skills

There is a lot of writing at MUNs, including writing for speeches, writing position papers on the issue given for resolution, possible amendments, and finally, writing the resolution itself. Compared to writing in school, writing is what you do. Working in MUNs is much more disciplined and requires more creativity. Each piece of writing involves research and analysis and is designed to nurture your writing skills, a useful skill for college and professional life.

9. Leadership Qualities

Considering all the benefits listed above, it’s not hard to say that your personality will thrive at MUNs. The independence, challenges, and teamwork will surely serve to hone your leadership skills as you take charge as a representative of a real-world country.

10. College Applications

MUNs are known for their quality, high standards, and difficulty levels, and attending one is an asset when applying to colleges and/or jobs. Top Ivy League colleges such as Yale and Harvard have been known to give extra attention to students who have attended MUNs.


Model United Nations (MUN) conferences are an ideal way for you to challenge yourself and improve your professional skills, communication skills, and global acumen. The concept of MUNs may seem daunting at first. However, there are several MUN training programs available where you can get a comprehensive overview and pre-MUN training.

At the end of a MUN conference, the traits you have imprinted will serve you well in your future endeavors.

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