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3 Delicious Ways to Enjoy Soy Milk

3 Delicious Ways to Enjoy Soy Milk

Recent innovations featuring food products mirror a world drawn to better health, nutrition, and lifestyle trends. That’s why every diet-conscious or environmental enthusiast would love soy milk as a go-to alternative and an excellent swap for dairy milk.

Better yet, soy milk would make a great food choice if you are lactose intolerant, can’t drink regular milk for other dietary reasons, or are simply a vegan.

Ways to Enjoy Soy Milk

In what we could term as international soy or world soybean outlook, Asian countries have a rich history with soy foods. These foods have been stapled and have been favourite options in China and Japan for over 3000 years.

That’s not the case with the rest of the world, though. Regardless, soy foods have worked hard to burst the world’s food scene. Though popular, it could still be confusing how to incorporate soy milk into the versatile ingredients for any other day’s cooking or eating.

Below are various ways to enjoy soy milk:

1.    Breakfast Substitute

Every other day, like anybody else, you would love to wake up to a hot cup of coffee, at times spiced tea, or simply a dish of oatmeal. If you were having trouble introducing soy milk into your meals schedule, all these breakfast options would provide an easy way to sip, slurp, or stir soy milk into your beverages or dishes. 

For example, come to think of it, what better than soy milk would give an exciting twist to a morning cup of spiced masala tea? Soy milk is an easy cup-for-cup swap option for your tea recipe. All you have to do is check out the recipe for spiced masala tea and replace the regular milk with soy milk.

You would need ingredients such as a cup of water, soy milk, one spoonful of tea leaves, a few slices of ginger, one clove, a quarter tablespoonful of cardamon, and a tablespoonful of sugar for this serving. And now that we are talking about healthy options, you can always replace the sugar with a few mLs of honey. Precisely indulging these ingredients gives the perfect hot beverage for your breakfast.

A similar idea goes for a cup of coffee or an oatmeal dish. There are numerous ways of preparing oatmeal. Regardless, soy milk will always give nice creamy consistency, whether in a slow cooker or baked oatmeal. And for some reason, soy milk is one of the few options that doesn’t separate when splashed in coffee. Those are similar reasons that should make it a perfect option for your breakfast coffee.

2.    Soy Milk Smoothie

If you have never thought of smoothies without regular milk, now you have a reason to. Even with soy milk, smoothies are still smoothies, only now with a turn of a distinctive flavour and a more healthy recipe.

This one is the easiest recipe for summer. What’s even better with the recipe is that you can make a soy smoothie out of any fruit of your liking, banana, blueberry, mango, strawberry, name them. All you have to do is cut a peeled fruit into small pieces and blend them with a cup of soy milk.

However, you will need a few more spicy ingredients for a better tasty smoothie. A half spoonful of cinnamon and a half spoonful of sugar would do alright for the implied ingredients. Besides the taste, cinnamon gives greater control over sugar levels. But the better purpose of the whole soy milk smoothie option is to provide you with a low-fat milk alternative. 

3.    Soy Milk Blended With Spices

Again, one of the easiest, most healthy, tasty, and most nutritious recipes to incorporate soy milk into your diet. For reasons stated earlier, cinnamon makes the perfect spice to be blended with soy milk. The milk could be blended hot, but cold soy milk will make perfect sense if you will be drinking the milk right after blending. Also, the amount of milk will depend on whether you are making single or multiple servings.

 For preparation, you will need half a teaspoon of cinnamon and one tablespoon of honey to sweeten the milk. You, however, could opt to omit the honey if you prefer unsweetened, spicier milk. Let the mixture puree in the blender for a few minutes, and there, you will have your blended soy milk ready.

Though preferred, you could replace cinnamon with many other spices. Pumpkin spice, lavender, and vanilla cinnamon are all suitable spices for soy milk. You could even create a more complex flavour by mixing two or more spices within a single soy milk serving. And until you taste it, you might never realize how this simple recipe makes the perfect twist for your soy milk serving.

Perfect Recipes For Soy Milk!

Given the recent rise in the publicity of plant-based eating, I am convinced you, at the very least, must be curious about this dairy-free beverage. The good news is that you are right to be curious because nothing better coincides with the benefits of soy milk.

But not without the right serving. The above recipes should point you in the right direction of having soy milk in your diet.

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