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Top 17 Unique Ideas For Backpack day You Should Try

Top 17 Unique Ideas For Backpack day You Should Try

Is your school doing anything other than a backpack day during ghost week this year?

Anything but a backpack day is when students come to school with their supplies in various fun household items. There are no real rules except that it can’t be too dangerous and it can’t be a backpack!

Whether you want to roll around in a stroller all day, paddle a kayak down the hallways, or tote your notebooks around in a microwave, we’ve got you covered.

Here are 17 of the funniest everything but backpack day ideas to copy for ghost week.

Ideas for anything but a backpack day

1. Laundry basket

A laundry basket is a perfect idea for Anything But A Backpack Day. It has enough space for all your school supplies and has handles to make it easy to carry!

Plus, you definitely have one at home, so there’s no need to buy anything new for this ghost day.

Source | Pinterest

2. Dog box

How hilarious would it be to bring your school supplies in a dog crate for Anything But A Backpack Day Ideas? Your dog will definitely not mind if you borrow his crate for the day for this hilarious idea.

Source | Great Pet Care

3. Pillowcase

Are you looking for a simple item that can carry all your school supplies? Bring them in a pillowcase!

This isn’t one of the most outrageous ideas I’ve seen for Anything But A Backpack Day, but it’s still pretty funny. Plus, it’s easy to take with you to class all day.

Source | Pinterest

4. Bucket

I’m a big fan of items with handles for this fun Spirit Day theme. You don’t want to lug around a bulky item with no handles all day.

A bucket is perfect because it has a handle, is big enough for your school supplies, and isn’t too heavy to carry around school.

5. Toy car

This is definitely one of the funniest ideas for the Anything But A Backpack Day idea. Pack all your school supplies in a toy car and roll them around all day.

6. Cart

How fun would it be to lug your stuff around in a shopping cart all day?

Just make sure you have permission to use the shopping cart (no stealing from grocery stores), so your school doesn’t get upset with you.

7. Microwave

A microwave is another super fun idea for Anything But A Backpack Day at school. It will probably be a hassle to carry around, but it will definitely get you loads of laughs!

8. Stroller

I love the idea of ​​carrying your school supplies around in a stroller for this ghost day. You can buckle your things, so they don’t fall out. There are also wheels that make it easy to move from class to class.

9. Sleigh

Want to get lots of laughs on Everything But A Backpack Day? Bring your stuff around in a sleigh!

10. Trash can

I’ve seen this idea a few times, and I find it so hilarious. Take your stuff to school in a giant trash can.

11. Cooler

Do you have a handy tool box for your food at home? Well, move everything out to house your books as it’s anything but a backpack to hold them. It’s time for her to relax once in the cool box. It’s a compact carrier, almost like a briefcase, but wider. Your books and stationery will easily find space, and your shoulders will have a rest day for once.

12. Mop Bucket

The students turned the mop bucket into a normal storage unit like the bucket. Unlike buckets, these have a double storage unit, which gives the opportunity to separate things. How efficient!

13. Baby car seat

Baby car seats are designed to hold babies in place while driving. Well, your books and stationery are your babies, right? Then why not use this custom-made seat for the babies in it?

14. Traffic cones

Traffic cones to store your school stuff? What will happen next, you might ask. Well, it might be difficult to deal with it this way, but how unique it is among all other than backpack tag ideas. Resembling a large ice cream cone, it is filled not with ice cream but with books and stationery.

15. Hobo Stick

Do you want to go back to the Stone Age? Well, here is your chance to try this swell. All you need is a stick and a piece of cloth that can hold your essentials. Tie them together, and voila, you have the hobo stick to take to school in place of your backpack.

16. Kayak

It’s bigger than most things, but when has that ever stopped anyone from taking it to school? Take your kayak on a school trip by using it as a place to store your books and supplies. In the event of a flood, you could easily escape in it.

17. Wheelbarrow

Commonly used for dirt, garbage, and other heavy objects that can be easily moved with wheels. You don’t have to spend a lot of time getting your stuff ready in the morning either. Just tip everything onto the wheelbarrow. Because of its size, you can fit everything in and just roll it out.

Bringing anything but a backpack to school in support and a friendly protest against everything that happened is a sign that all this will lead to a positive result. A majority of kids love the explored version, where the idea of ​​taking anything but a backpack blossoms to introduce more unique items that can replace school bags. So from the multitude of cheerfulness presets, choose one that’s already your home, or even borrow one from another home for the day. But ultimately, to be with these ideas in the joy of the new.

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