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Classic Women’s Day Flowers that are Timeless

Classic Women’s Day Flowers that are Timeless

Every day passes away just like that, but some occasions really matter as they bring back to you motivation and remind you of things that matter. One such occasion is Women’s day which is meant not only for women but actually for people around especially people in power. Beginning during the feminist movement, Women’s day was recognized by the United Nations as a day to reinforce women rights and equality. For women’s day in this day and age you can definitely do a lot but little things where you express your feelings are always cherished.

Here are some Women’s Day flowers from flower now that you must get your hands on to express your gratitude and solidarity towards women’s rights


One cannot begin to talk about classic flowers for women without mentioning Roses. This flower has been a cult favorite for centuries. Going back to ancient Greek times we find Roses being used as offerings towards goddesses, later making their way into the life of the elite as a symbol of royalty and luxury. And gradually became a global symbol of love. We all always imagine a red rose when we hear about this flower but for this women’s day flower bouquet you can go with other colors like pink, orange and preferably yellow. Like the red roses signifies romantic love, yellow roses are a symbol of joy, friendship and best wishes. Roses are not going out of the flower game any time soon, so if you like to keep it the traditional way Roses for women around is the way to go.


Flowers that look pretty, feel good and are not pretty common. Tulips can be spotted at FlowerNOW, your reallocal Flower store in Jersey City NJ especially during the season. Tulips are known for their beauty and their shape. They dont look like a typical flower, rather they are shaped like an egg or a cup with thin rounded petals. They are not as dense as a rose which makes them lightweight and elegant. Tulips bloom during the spring and are easily available during March. With a huge species of more than 70 Tulips come in vibrant colors like red. Orange, yellow, pink, purple and white. When it comes to Tulips you can go with a single stem or  a bouquet since they look so mesmerizing.


When it comes to flowers that are central to women’s day we mustn’t forget about the official international women’s day flower known as Mimosa. It is unique from the flower to the way this shrub behaves. Commonly known as touch me nots, Mimosas are known to depict life and our sensitivity and our consciousness. Since this is a shrub its not a common sight to be seen as a fresh cut flower but you will definitely see them growing around you in parks and gardens. You can include this flower as an ornament when it comes to women’s day.


Another feel good flower which is loved by everyone, Sunflowers are a great pick for women around you from friends to colleagues, from your mother to sister, these bright flowers have a neutral expression. The color yellow itself is the catch here, it instantly brightens up your surroundings and brings a huge smile to your face. For a sunflower arrangement you can get a couple of them for each lady and cover them in wrapping paper. These flowers are also great when it comes to center pieces. Just arrange a handful of tall sunflower stems in a vase with some water and sugar and let the glow shine.

With a huge variety of Women’s Day Flowers in Cliffside Park NJ you can pick any flower that you feel represents your emotions the best. And if you are confused about what to pick, sticking to classics never goes wrong.

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