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How Pakistani Celebrate Pakistan Independence Day – The Markhor Agency

How Pakistani Celebrate Pakistan Independence Day – The Markhor Agency

Title: How Pakistani Celebrate Pakistan Independence Day – The Markhor Agency

Meta Title: August 14 Pakistan Independence Day, a national holiday in Pakistan, which is observed with government-organized parades, air shows, and fireworks.

Cities and towns all around Pakistan come alive on August 14 to celebrate Pakistan Independence Day and national pride. In the days before August 14, the nation begins to celebrate. Different sizes of the national flag can be seen on balconies, automobiles, and famous locations. White and green fairy lights light the streets. Shop owners are prepared with flag-themed t-shirts for Independence Day, traditional garb in green and white, and badges. Locals can be seen on the side of the road selling comparable goods, but in pushable wooden carts that can be moved from one location to another. A sense of patriotism unites everyone.

How was Pakistan Independence Day achieved?

The Indian independence movement organized a number of demonstrations in the 1940s with the goal of overthrowing British colonial control in India. The All-India Muslim League was established in response to the development of Muslim nationalism in order to protect the interests of the Muslim diaspora in British India by advocating for the establishment of Pakistan as a separate state. Muhammad Ali Jinnah spearheaded the fight for an independent Muslim nation, which gained momentum after India was divided and Pakistan was established on August 14, 1947.

1947 Survivors In this September 1947 photo, Muslim refugees clamber aboard an overcrowded train near New Delhi in an attempt to flee India. (Associated Press)
In this September 1947 photo, Muslim refugees clamber aboard an overcrowded train near New Delhi in an attempt to flee India. (Associated Press)

How To Observe The Establishment Of Pakistan As A State

August 14 is a national holiday in Pakistan, which is observed with government-organized parades, air shows, and fireworks. Official dignitaries and heads of state pay respects and offer prayers at the mausoleum of Pakistan’s founding father, Muhammad Ali Jinnah, in Karachi each year. Students congregate in schools and universities to sing the national song, participate in poetry contests, and watch cricket games.

On buildings and on everything from t-shirts to bumper stickers, there are portraits of the founder of Pakistan and other notable figures from the war for independence.

On the morning of the 14th, folks are swarming Karachi’s Boat Basin food street to indulge in the well-known Pakistani breakfast dish, halwa puri. From the night before Independence Day till late the next day, Sea View Beach in the city is crowded with people shouting Azadi and Pakistan Zindabad while waving flags and blasting patriotic music from their cars.

6 Things To Do On August 14 – Pakistan Independence Day

1.      Remodeling Your Home Will Demonstrate Your Sense Of Patriotism

As we all know, a lot of decorations accompany August 14. Let’s try to revive that energy and fill our homes with the Jhandiyaans, Flags, and vibrant lights that will really make your house stand out from the rest. When we were kids, we always wanted our houses to look like the most lavish ones on the street. Enjoy this activity with your loved ones to make it even more memorable and, more importantly, to ensure that your children continue this significant tradition for years to come.

Home Decoration
Home Decoration

2.      Make The Streets As Green And White As Possible

The theme of August 14 is unity, and there is no better way to demonstrate that unity than by having everyone wear their country’s flag. Wear your favorite white Kurta or your green cricket jersey to participate by celebrating this day in traditional Pakistani style.

Streets Decoration
Streets Decoration

3.      The Emotive Qaumi Naghmey

You’ve been hearing all of your favorite country songs all around since this month’s beginning. Dil Dil Pakistan and Sohni Dharti are constantly playing, whether it’s in a barbershop or on a rickshaw. And to be completely honest, these national songs cultivate a sense of connection and allegiance in every Pakistani, therefore joining together and singing them as a group.

4.      Set Fire to the Air

Sure, we are Pakistanis, and yes, we enjoy making a lot of noise. Fireworks will, therefore, undoubtedly always be planned. On August 14, keep an eye out for fireworks displays that may begin at various monuments and events in your city, especially at midnight, and marvel at the night sky with your loved ones. Alternately, take matters into your own hands by lighting off some fireworks and patakhas yourself to wake up your neighbors.

5.      Add Some Accessories

A badge is the most fundamental accessory you should proudly own and pin on your breast, regardless of what you are wearing, whether it be a shalwar kameez, a pant shirt, or your nightwear. In addition to badges, the green and white color scheme are used for a variety of hand and hair bands, trumpets, headgear, and masquerades. You should buy these goods right away if you want to hold an Independence Day party.

6.      Into the Lights

Don’t forget to tour the city by car with your loved ones to admire the illuminated structures. The city is covered with green and white lights on the eve of Independence Day. Just drive around in your car, and don’t forget to attach some flags to it!

Celebrating Independence Day Responsibly

So, here are a few activities you must not engage in when honoring independence day.

·        Blocking Roads Needlessly

Young people, more frequently than not, assemble throngs on the streets to hold independence day celebrations. Roads become obstructed as a result, and traffic bottlenecks develop. People should designate specific sites for festivities with the authorization of authorities rather than obstructing highways needlessly. Let’s make an effort to be more courteous of our countrymen’s time and avoid causing any traffic snarls.

Islamabad Traffic Jam in 2021
Islamabad Traffic Jam in 2021

·         Over Speeding And Stunts Performing

Speeding too fast is risky. You are not entitled to drive or ride at possibly catastrophic speeds on the highways just because it is Pakistan Independence Day.

Stunts on a public road are not only risky but also potentially fatal. If such thoughts occur to you, make the right decision and decide to celebrate at home with friends and family.

·        Playing Loud Music on Pakistan Independence Day

When people play loud music, national anthems, etc., to celebrate August 14, it becomes louder and more annoying on the streets and in the homes. Be considerate of one another and try to avoid disturbing your neighbors while celebrating.

·         Tearing Buntings

What appears to be a piece of paper or fabric is really a miniature flag of your nation. Keep in mind the sacrifices that were made, and never lose sight of who you are. Even though it’s on the list towards the end, this is unquestionably the most crucial item.

Let’s celebrate Independence Day responsibly and be thankful for our country. We hope that this list has given you more ideas than you had hoped for on how to make this August 14 special. And although we rejoice, let’s remember to act responsibly and keep a level mind. There should be no “Hawaii fire” or littering, please!

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