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Taylor Swift Life -5 Life Lessons From Taylor Swift’s Miss Americana

Taylor Swift Life -5 Life Lessons From Taylor Swift’s Miss Americana

Taylor Swift, who is well-known for her music, lovely melodies, and moving lyrics, is a real role model for many young girls today! She won the clichéd titles of Artist of the Year and Artist of the Decade in 2020, thanks to a sizable contingent of “Swifties.” Although the pop star’s career may be at its height right now, did you know that things were not always that easy and glamorous for her? Discover Taylor Swift’s most uplifting tale by reading on!

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Education and Taylor Swift’s Formative Years

Taylor Alison Swift was born in Reading, Pennsylvania, to parents Andrea Gardner Swift, commonly known to Taylor’s followers as “Mama Swift,” and Scott Kingsley Swift. Austin Swift, her brother, is an actor. Early on, Taylor expressed an interest in music, and around age 9, she began to perform. On the weekends, she would play at community fairs and celebrations. The young Taylor did not have a great time in high school. It became challenging for her to learn music and acting; therefore, she was homeschooled later and received her diploma a year earlier than other students. While almost everyone is familiar with her music, very few people, know about her acting career. She has appeared in films like Valentine’s Day, Hannah Montana: The Movie, The Giver, CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, New Girl, and most recently, Cats, and in her own music videos.

“Being fearless is standing back up and continuing to fight for what you want, even after trying and failing.”

Taylor Swift
Taylor Swift – Concert

Battles That Strengthened Her

She was picked out and bullied in junior high because she looked and liked country music. When she was 19, she spoke with Teen Vogue about how people “would make fun of me” and “wouldn’t talk to me because they didn’t think I was cool or pretty enough.”

Kanye West interrupted Taylor Swift’s acceptance speech for Best Female Video at the 2009 MTV Video Music Awards after she had already given out two successful albums, Taylor Swift and Fearless. As a result of her Reputation in the media, which was extremely damaging to her, she had to endure a lot of anxiety and trolls to get by in the latter years. Another very painful blow for her was when other people bought her masters, and she lost the rights to 7 out of 9 of her albums. In the Netflix documentary Miss Americana, she discusses her challenges throughout her life in addition to the tale of her harassment and the lawsuit she filed. She persevered despite experiencing numerous ups and downs, becoming a songwriter and vocalist with a net worth of $365 million, as reported by Forbes in October 2020.

How Taylor Swift Became Indestructible?

Video Credits – Inspire Yourself

The Swift Towards a Stronger Self

Taylor Swift music her weapon and used her personal experiences as the basis for her songs because, in her own words, “People haven’t always been there for me, but music always has.” “With Reputation, I intended to be quiet, avoid making any noise, and work more diligently than ever. Simply having the stadium tour to prepare for and almost prove myself to was extremely motivating for me. My professional situation was peculiar, she said. “I was thinking that if there was anything that could help me overcome the strange disappointment I was experiencing at the time with the course of my career, it would be performing live. I would be reminded of why I adore this if I could feel pride in the live presentation and a connection with the audience.

Taylor Swift Music album’s notoriety ended up serving as a form of catharsis and was an incredible comeback. Her subsequent albums, Lover, Folklore, and Evermore were all commercial successes reflecting her maturing perspective and enchanted her fans and the rest of the globe with their soothing and lovely compositions. Her musical change is evident as well.

There are two possible outcomes when faced with pain: you let it destroy you or embrace it as motivation to move on.

Taylor Swift Being a Songwriting Genius on Folklore & Evermore

Taylor Swift Achievements

Taylor has a long list of accomplishments, including 10 Grammy Awards, 27 Guinness World Records, 23 Billboard Music Awards (the most by a female artist), 32 American Music Awards, 12 Country Music Association Awards, 8 Academy of Country Music Awards, an Emmy Award, and many other honors. She also became the youngest person to appear on Rolling Stone’s list of the 100 Greatest Songwriters of All Time with her albums Red and 1989, which will be updated in 2020.

It’s Legacy

Taylor Swift generously donates to numerous schools, libraries, and other organizations, demonstrating her support for the arts, children’s literacy, and the LGBT Community. She has publicly denounced racism, sexism, misogyny, white supremacy, and police brutality. Using her platform, she has spoken out against bullying, sexual harassment, and discrimination against LGBT people. Her charitable endeavors also involve giving of her time, songs, and gifts in addition to money.

Taylor is currently making headlines for giving hand-knit blankets to newborn newborns of her pals, including Katy Perry and Gigi Hadid, and for sharing her passion for music with her fans during the Covid-19 pandemic by releasing two albums. She is adored by her followers, and they return the favor. Her specialties include giving fans early access to her next releases, providing holiday gifts, and even collecting money for them during the pandemic.

Taylor Swift Taught Us About Life

Every stage of the heart’s year has a Taylor Swift song to match. She will cry with you if he betrays you, makes fun of you on national television, or takes you to a rave in the desert. As long as you are in her squad and they are not, she will crush your arch-nemesis when they take your backup dancers or… pretty much anything else. She will reassure you that life is both a fairy tale and not, which ALWAYS makes you feel better. Additionally, she is present when you are CERTAIN that he belongs to YOU and not her (see: Better Than Revenge, Speak Now, You Belong With Me). Even though Tay is a poetic genius, following all of the advice in her enchanted body of work won’t ensure success and happiness beyond your wildest dreams. However, it doesn’t harm to play them repeatedly just in case.

Although I look young, I’m actually a few years older than Taylor Swift. (I won’t say how many years older—I promise. What a snub to ask! I just met you.) Nevertheless, even if you are not a Swiftie or are repulsed by the idea of becoming one, the legendary pop music has a few lessons that people from every generation, from millennials to boomers, could stand to learn. (However, I must admit that living on the Swiftie side is very wonderful.)

First Life Lesson

“Don’t let other people’s perceptions of you define you, especially if they don’t know you,” the speaker advised.

I directly quoted Taylor when she performed at the Staples Center in Los Angeles. Taylor articulated it well.

How frequently have you worried about what others think of you? How has that anxiety prevented you? If you had been able to let go of that worry, what might you have accomplished or been able to do? Could you have had a more positive self-image?

People are often self-centered, which means they probably have no idea what you’re doing, which is something I’ve learned from life. And if they did, they would probably care more about your opinion than their own! (Are you with me still?)

Second Life Lesson

Your twenties are “miserable and enchanting,” a time when you might experience feelings of joy, freedom, confusion, and loneliness all at once.

In my capacity as a psychologist, I offer counseling to adults of all ages from the 1920s through the 1980s. There are common problems in every decade. Yet it can be a minefield of difficulties for those in their 20s. Nearly everything in life is up in the air, sometimes all at once, for many people in their 20s.

Young adults frequently ponder matters such as what they ought to do for a job, whom they should date (perhaps while exploring or doubting their sexuality), where they ought to live, and even who they believe they really are. When you hit 30, these issues do not suddenly or mysteriously disappear. But as people get older, they frequently find a foundation in these diverse areas that can be expanded upon in later decades. In the meanwhile, the huge array of options and choices may feel freeing, frightening, or even lonely.

Third Life Lesson

Ironically, you can start breathing when you’re drowning.

I find it difficult to think that younger concertgoers could comprehend the lyrics “When I was drowning/when that’s I could finally breathe.” This song (“Clean”) and its words make me think of the sporadic value of reaching the bottom or getting near it. Often, it’s not until you hit rock bottom that you understand you can float, or in other words, that you learn how tough you really are.

Humans usually use every effort to avoid experiencing emotional suffering. But hardship comes in many different forms—people die, get divorced, lose their jobs, and so on. And since you must emerge on the other side, your only choice is to keep moving forward, even if you need some time to recoup and grieve. When you do, you’ll understand that you’re more powerful than you believe.

Fourth Life Lesson

Haters will continue to hate, heartbreakers will continue to break, and fakers will continue to fake.

When you encounter these individuals, attempt to “shrug it off,” as Taylor did. This relates to the first life lesson—not letting other people define you. When someone proves their identity, believe them. Don’t let people make you lose focus.

I frequently suggest that my patients focus on their own paths in therapy. Similar to when driving, paying attention to someone else’s life or drama increases your risk of getting into an accident or taking the wrong route.

Fifth Life Lesson

Always choose right even if others don’t (ahem, Kanye).

Any time Taylor has to deal with Kanye West or his group, she can learn this lesson about life. Few of us will ever forget Kanye aggressively interrupting Taylor’s victory speech for Best Female Video at the controversial 2009 MTV Video Music Awards. We also won’t soon forget the recent lyrics Kanye penned against Taylor, the accompanying video, and the online responses that followed. No matter who criticizes her, she always seems to respond with maturity and honesty, whether in an acceptance speech or a tweet. It’s incredible how she manages to remain so composed despite everything. Taylor never said what I had in mind to say to Kanye. She excelled.


Swift initially refrained from taking political positions, but more recently, she has begun to do so. She’s focused on standing up for what’s right because she wants to leave a “great legacy” of being kind to people. Her re-recording of her previous albums and reclamation of her work exhibits her bravery and strength. Taylor Swift and her life have a lot to teach us all. Check The Markhor Agency for more uplifting success stories if you’re interested.

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