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Travelling 101: Things You need to Do a Month Before Travelling!

Travelling 101: Things You need to Do a Month Before Travelling!

Travelling is one of many ways to spend your leisure time and because it’s so great most people tend to do this once or twice a year, or even more! This allows you to try new food, see new places, meet new people, discover new cultures and of course, spend quality time with loved ones.

And although travelling is such a great way to destress, the process of planning a trip is undoubtedly pretty tedious since you have to think about A LOT of things. Since you’re visiting a new place there are certain things you’ll need to take with you, so planning is essential.

Remembering what you need to take with you on a trip can be stressful and overall frustrating since you want to be as prepared as you can beforehand. But to help you out below is a list that can act as a checklist so you don’t forget a thing!

1 – Make sure to have all needed documents

Depending on the country you choose to visit, the requirements may vary. Some require vaccination cards, visas, passports and so on. So a month before your trip, consider getting all the needed documents to avoid setbacks during your trip.

Getting your papers sorted a month before is ideal since some documents and tests take a while to process. Some can even go longer than 3 weeks so consider getting things done earlier. Plus doing things ahead of time can give you time to do things without the stress of rushing.

What travel documents are required for each trip?

Common documents needed are usually a valid I.D., a valid passport, your plane ticket and depending on where you’re travelling to, a travel visa. But again, depending on the place you’re visiting requirements may vary so make sure to look up the requirements needed and comply before your flight date.

2 – Plan out places to eat and visit!

To make the most out of your trip, plan ahead of time the place you want to visit and eat. This is to save you time from deciding as well as save you money! Since you get to pick where to go before the trip, you can look up places within your budget.

We recommend you read reviews and go to places that are reputable and highly recommended by people on the web. By doing this you’re guaranteed to enjoy or at least try out popular places recommended.

What are places to visit during travel?

When visiting other places, the goal is to try things that are new and of course, things you think you’d enjoy! So to give you an idea here are some places to visit when in a different country, city or state:

  • Try eating in local restaurants that sell their local delicacies.
  • Visit their parks!
  • Visit their tourist attractions.
  • See what their malls have to offer.
  • Try riding their trains or other modes of travel that are new to you. (Ex. Philippines’ jeepneys)
  • Take a swim or walk along their beaches.

3 – Consider getting travel insurance

When travelling, there is no guarantee you won’t lose something during the trip. Because your things can either get stolen, damaged, misplaced and so on. So before the big trip, consider getting travelling insurance, especially if you’re taking precious possessions with you like jewellery, gadgets, luxury items and so on. Do this a month before your trip since things like getting insurance can take time to process.

What does travel insurance cover?

  • Medical and hospital attention.
  • Stolen, damaged or misplaced belongings.
  • Missed airline connections.
  • Delayed or lost luggage.
  • And many more…

4 – Look for a place to stay

Of course, you can’t visit a different country or city without already having a place to stay, unless you have relatives you can crash with. But if you’re visiting a whole new foreign country, always consider securing a place to stay a month before the trip.

What do serviced apartments offer?

Serviced apartments are pretty cheap compared to hotels without sacrificing quality! Most good quality serviced apartments offer great perks, amenities and more. To give you an idea here’s a list of PS Edinburgh’s property highlights:

  • Has around 81 apartments.
  • Offer parking for stay-in guests.
  • Has a functioning elevator.
  • Offers a fully equipped kitchen.
  • Has free Wi-Fi.
  • Living room area.
  • Is pet-friendly.
  • Has housekeeping.
  • Has walk-in showers.
  • Offers luggage storage.
  • Offers contactless check-ins.
  • Has grocery and restaurant delivery.
  • Offers express check-outs.
  • Every room has blackout blinds installed.

Take away

Follow the four essential things a month before your trip to ensure a carefree vacation that is also cost and time-efficient! We hope these travel tips can help you out on your big trip and remember, it’s never a bad idea to plan ahead!

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